Insurance General

Insurance General

Today’s we don’t know what would be going to happen in future, but we always try to prepare ourselves for future happenings. Insurance companies assure you if anything misshapen with you or your assets in future then insurance provides you complete support to overcome from those worst situations. There are different types of insurance which can secure you further to support in any type of financial crisis. checked by Knif Insurance.

There are different types of insurance available:

• Life insurance
Life insurance provides covers to the policy holder’s family in case of his or her death. There are many types of life insurance; mainly two types are common term life insurance and whole life insurance. A term insurance gives covers the policy holder’s for a limited time of period although it is more affordable. Whole life insurance gives covers for whole life time to the policy holder but this cost you more as compare to term insurance.

• Health insurance
Health insurance covers health related expenses. There are many plans comes under health insurance.
Health plans covers hospitalisation, doctor’s visit, drugs and bills comes into major medical insurance plans and this is also divided into groups and in plans. Employers usually provide Groups plans to their employees and this is not too much expensive and also covers maximum expenses. Whereas individual’s health plan is a private insurance and more costly, less coverage than group health plans.

• Property insurance
Homeowners and rentals both insurance comes under this. This provides coverage to the policy holder if his or her property got damaged by earthquake, fire, flood etc.

• Auto insurance
Auto insurance provides coverage to your vehicle against damage, accidents and in case of theft. Cost of auto insurance may vary case to case.
Besides this other types of insurance plans are also available i.e. accidental death insurance, deposit insurance, loan protection insurance, casualty insurance, crime insurance, travel insurance, bond insurance and many mores.

Make sure to read out policy terms & condition very well before buying it.